4th of July

As much fun as the parade itself, is getting ready.  Deciding each year how to dress up the horses – or not.  A lot of imagination goes into this.  This is the only time my horses get a bath, and they seem to know it is important.  They actually make an effort to stay clean – until after the parade.  We have a ‘wash day’ at the Livery across the street on the day before.  The horses get all lathered up with soap, hosed off, and the painting begins.  Sometimes they get lots of red, white and blue items attached to them; sometimes they get their manes woven or braided; sometimes they get costumes.  It’s different every year!  We all look forward to the fun and the streets are packed with onlookers.   A lot of candy gets thrown at the bystanders – and the people at the Fawn Brook Inn hand out popsicles  to those of us in the parade.