We Have ELK!

by / Sunday, 17 May 2015 / Published in Animals, Mountain Life

It’s been a couple years since we have seen elk really close to the Lodge – or even in the vicinity.  Moose moved over from the western slope about the same time the elk started disappearing.  Don’t get me wrong; moose are pretty majestic to look at, but not nearly as user-friendly, as in “never turn your back” on moose.  Elk sort of get used to the normal activities of an area and stay quite calm for pictures, etc.  However, we always school our guests on not approaching any wildlife; take pictures from a distance.  Cameras and phones have great zooming ability nowadays; use that!


Imagine my surprise this morning when I looked out the office window and spotted three elk grazing in the yard right across the street.  Three young bulls – a new bachelor herd starting up.  Yes!  We had actually seen these guys yesterday across the main highway as we returned from a horseback ride, but I still had not expected them to come on down.